How to Write an Essay on Music?

If music were a place, then it would be the one where you hide from the storm, get inspired, and find peace. We can choose from dozens of genres and let the rhythm take us away from this busy world. But when it comes to expressing your thoughts concerning a favorite band, song, or history, the right words never cross your mind. And It turns into a problem if a professor asks you to write a music essay assignment. In this case, you will have to conduct research and awaken your analytical skills, depending on a topic.

Luck is by your side when a professor allows you to select a topic by yourself – it will be easier to determine a subject you know well. Read our guide to learn how to choose what to write about in your music essay. Besides, you’ll get recommendations on creating a perfect structure for your text.

Picking Music Essay Topics

Once a professor lets you choose a music essay topic, it’s better to pitch upon something interesting to you. Of course, it may be hard to analyze different aspects if you’re not an expert in this field. Fortunately, you have Google and books to find any needed information for your paper. And this article will help you cope with a few hardest parts of composing an essay on music. Here are a couple of ideas you can brainstorm when picking a subject for your assignment:

1. Think on how music changes your life

Do you play the guitar, piano, or any other instrument? Are you a listener? Reflect on what part of your life is occupied by music. Even if you aren’t connected with this sphere, you will find a topic because you definitely have a favorite band, singer, album, or genre. Dive into history and explore exciting facts or other interesting details concerning the chosen variant.

2. Incomparable music power

You probably heard the stories about how music has changed someone’s life or improved it. And it’s even better if it happened to you – then you can include your personal experience in a paper. Otherwise, research this idea and learn facts that prove the power of melody, song, and rhythm. Pick a topic and write a music essay about how it improves mental health, mood, or brain activity, for example.

3. The history of genres and styles

Choose music essay topics that require conducting historical research. The field is vast – craft a paper about the development of genres, famous musicians who formed one of the styles, or the acceptance of some widely known compositions. You will never go wrong with a choice, as professors appreciate it when students make efforts to find significant facts.

4. Compare styles in a music essay

This idea also opens vast opportunities to a student, as you can pick styles that are opposite to each other. For example, you may select heavy metal and classical music. It’s a chance to conduct comprehensive research and come up with an expert piece. Another nice idea is to listen to both styles and describe your feelings and thoughts towards each genre.

5. Share your preferences

Which bands do you listen to when doing something? Almost all of us have a list of favorite musicians or songs – share yours and explain why you think it’s a perfect choice. Suggest an essay writing music playlist or top Christmas compositions based on your experience or data provided by a credible source.

How to Come up with an Excellent Essay on Music

Your music essay will depend on a required paper type – argumentative, comparable, persuasive, etc. The best way to perform a flawless piece is to follow the professor’s demands. He or she will inform you about the size, format, and style. But some things remain the same for all the music essays and other tasks. You will have to craft an outline and choose a proper structure. The first detail is the plan of your text. You have to write down all key thoughts that come to your mind when you’re thinking on a topic. It’s a short variant of your essay about music, but it gives you a clear understanding of the structure of a future text. Typically, it includes the following sections:

  1. Introduction. In this part, you will explain to readers what this paper is about. Write a few sentences containing the main thoughts, add a quote, some facts, or ask a question and promise to answer it in the next section. The introduction has to include an intriguing hook that will make people keep reading.
  2. Body text. It’s an important section of a music essay. It should contain an argument for a topic, evidence proving the selected facts, and an explanation of these details. Move to a new paragraph if you want to start another thought. If your topic isn’t based on your experience, it’s necessary to find a credible source like Wikipedia, book, or any other material. But you will still have to check the facts to be sure that you don’t use false information.
  3. Conclusion. Summarize the fundamental ideas of your text and review them in this section. Add an argument explaining why you think these details are worth attention, make an impact on society, or have another value. The content of this section in a music essay will depend on the topic you’ve picked.

Writing an essay music assignment isn’ as hard as you may think. You don’t have to be an expert in this sphere to analyze, research, find facts, and simply listen. Music inspires you and brings new emotions – examine and explain how you feel about your favorite genre or melody. And don’t forget to use our guide to create an excellent paper that will help you impress a professor and make him or her give you a good grade. You only have to follow it, relax, and let the music in your life.